IoT Rockets is the first platform and community fully dedicated to the IoT startups

The Internet of Things is built on a daily basis by a vibrant ecosystem of tech companies. And the IoT startups play a major role in this process. IoT Rockets is designed to promote the best IoT innovators of this world.

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IoT Rockets is for IoT startups

Let the world know what you are creating and find new opportunities for your development.

Designed as a smart directory, IoT Rockets offers to the young and innovative IoT companies of this world a unique platform to facilitate their development and success. And for the IoT explorers, IoT Rockets gathers all the IoT stars of today…and tomorrow.

By having your startup listed on IoT Rockets you will benefit from a powerful platform designed to help you:

tick icon redGet new fundings opportunities
tick icon redFind commercial or technical partners
tick icon redBe visible in the IoT space
tick icon redHire new talents
tick icon redReceive support and advice from experienced professionals
tick icon redFind any resources you may need for your development and success (from premises to beta testers…)

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IoT Rockets is for the business professionals looking for the best IoT innovators

Find the latest IoT technologies and products available or soon to be launched on the market. Find the most promising IoT innovators on the planet.

The platform is designed for all the enterprises and professionals looking for the best IoT startups in order to integrate their technologies or to contribute to their success.

Whether you are an enterprise running an IoT project, a company in search of an innovative partner in the IoT industry, an expert ready to join an exciting IoT project or an investor looking for the best opportunities in the IoT space, IoT Rockets facilitates your search.

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