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Mega Booster
Business Card - Company logoshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Business Card - Company descriptionshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Business Card - Complete contact details : phone numbers, address, email addresses, website url, social media linksshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Business Card - Contact form tabshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Business Card - Business location shown on mapshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Business Card - Business categoriesshining star iconshining star iconshining star icon
Social media features : Wall tab to post company news and statuses - with possibility for visitors to like/share/commentwall post thumbnailwall post thumbnailwall post thumbnail
Business Card - Business tags-shining star iconshining star icon
Company photos tab (your team, your facilities...)-shining star iconshining star icon
Products tabs (to promote your solutions)-shining star iconshining star icon
Social share links to allow Business Card sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)-shining star iconshining star icon
Your business featured on our Home Page (The Rising Stars) - Your business card marked with "Featured" tag-energizer featured thumbnailenergizer featured thumbnail
Possibility to create and promote special offers (through dedicated tab)--shining star icon
Possibility to show customer ratings--shining star icon
300x100 banner display on all the business pages (sidebar) for 3 months--mega booster banner thumbnail
Special Launch PriceFREE290€ for 1 year490€ for 1 year

Launcher - 1 year

Start for FREE with our entry-level visibility plan. The Launcher Pack allows you to have your IoT Business listed and visible on IoT Rockets.

It is a chance to get many new opportunities from our business visitors : customers, partners, new talents, fundings opportunities...

Take advantage of all the great benefits included in our Launcher Pack such as the Wall, a social media feature which will enable you to share your company news and engage with our visitors. Don't hesitate, it's FREE !

Energizer - 1 year

The Energizer Pack adds many great features on top of the Launcher pack.

Join the Rising Stars with your business card featured on our Home Page!

The Energizer level also adds a dedicated tab to present and promote your IoT solutions, several social connectors to invite all the visitors to share your Business Card on all the major social media channels, and much more...

Don't wait, energize your presence and opportunities now!

Mega Booster - 1 year

The Mega Booster membership level is a powerful booster for your IoT Business.

On top of all the benefits offered by the Energizer Pack, the Mega Booster Pack enables you to create special offers for all our visitors and get new leads and business opportunities.

Your Mega Booster Pack also offers you maximum exposure on our platform : your business will be featured on our Home Page and your promotional banner will be displayed on all the business pages. Our visitors cannot miss you.

Show your ambition and propel your business now by activating your Mega Booster Pack!